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Work and Play: Why Balance Is So Important to Physicians


When it comes to managing your career as a physician, balance can often feel like the holy grail due to how hectic things can get. The healthcare industry never sleeps, and it often makes sure that many physicians and nurses follow suit.

Tackling a career as a physician is by no means an easy task. Physicians already know how bad it can be going in, as the courses alone can be overwhelming. That said, it does not mean that striking a balance is an impossible, or even overwhelming, endeavor. Here are just a few reasons why maintaining a good work-life balance is so crucial.

Burnout is almost guaranteed

On the topic of being overworked, people in the healthcare sector typically top the list. No matter the career, anyone tackling the healthcare sector will be in for a challenging time as far as burnout goes. Not only is burnout an ever-present threat, but most physicians don’t have the luxury of taking time off.

Such is the reason why even individuals who are firmly committed to their careers would benefit from keeping things balanced and looking for ways to enjoy themselves. It’s not always easy to find rest when you need it, but finding little ways to ease the stress, even if you are not yet feeling the strain, is a fantastic way of building a better balance.

Finding your balance through potential career alternatives

It does not necessarily mean looking outside the healthcare industry for another start. Career physicians have put far too much blood, sweat, and tears into the career to look elsewhere. Such is the reason why locum tenens companies are always in high demand. The idea of locum tenens is to give physicians a chance to reboot their careers in the form of an assignment-based system. Physicians won’t have to worry about hectic schedules or administrative responsibilities as they will only be required to fulfill the responsibilities of their assignment.

While it might seem like a hopeless cause for some, it’s only because they haven’t considered locum tenens as a potential career alternative.

A lack of social interaction with loved ones can cause anxiety and depression

Another reason why balance is so essential is the fact that social interaction is a priority no matter how many people might think otherwise. While it might not bother career physicians at the beginning, if you don’t take your loved ones into account and catch up every now and then, it can cause most individuals to feel more alone than they are. Keeping in touch with the people you love will help motivate you to do your best and give you the strength to handle the heavy responsibilities of being a physician.

The worst part is when physicians resign themselves to a life of stress and anxiety as a part of their careers. There is no need to do such a thing, as it’s more than possible to strike a balance despite the responsibilities.