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What are the benefits of laser vein treatments?


One of the most requested services with us is laser vein treatment in Calgary. And there are numerous reasons why our patients opt for it! Back in the day, surgeons used vein stripping surgery to deal with varicose veins. This procedure was extremely invasive and came with a low success rate. Besides, it was extremely painful, and recovery time was significant.

Luckily, nowadays, we can use laser vein treatments. These come with numerous benefits, which will convince you this is the best solution for you. In this article, our experts share their top benefits of laser vein treatments!

It is a rapid procedure that allows you to resume daily activities almost immediately!

One of the advantages of getting laser vein treatments in Calgary is that it comes with almost no downtime. Laser therapy is an excellent non invasive and non-surgical solution for varicose veins. It only uses local anesthesia, meaning that you can resume your daily tasks rapidly. Your medical practitioner will encourage you to walk around immediately after the treatment to restore your blood flow.

It is a painless and non-invasive treatment!

As mentioned above, the traditional surgery for vein stripping was extremely uncomfortable. It came with a lot of pain, long aftercare requirements, and a significantly lower risk of success. On the other hand, laser vein treatments will have you endure less pain since it is non-invasive. Your practitioner will use ultrasound on the affected areas to identify and map your veins. The goal is to eliminate varicose veins at the source for long-term results!

It is efficient for most people!

Studies reveal that endovenous laser treatments are efficient for most people. Both men and women can benefit from the procedure with this non-invasive treatment. It can offer excellent results, and it can aid you to regain confidence.

It gets rid of varicose veins!

Laser vein treatments target varicose veins and determine them to collapse. As a result, they get reabsorbed by the body. This means that varicose veins are eliminated entirely, making laser vein therapy a permanent solution. Keep in mind that new veins can form in the same area depending on your body, which will have you undergo additional treatment. Discuss with your practitioner the long-term results of laser vein treatments.

It comes with almost no scarring!

Some patients are concerned about the scars! But you should know that a major advantage of laser vein treatments is that they cause almost no scarring. It is minimally invasive, and it can go unnoticeable.

It isn’t as expensive as you might think!

If you’re thinking about the invasive method of treating varicose veins and the fact that it has a low success rate, laser vein treatments in Calgary become the best solution. It is a cost-effective procedure with a high success rate that won’t require any downtime!

The bottom line

If you’re having a hard time dealing with varicose veins, a consultation at one of our experts in laser vein treatments can offer additional insights. And if you consider the benefits listed above, you’ll see this is the best approach to feel better about your appearance and endure less pain!