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The Downsides of Using a Smartwatch


Smartwatches are becoming more popular these days. Many people use them not only to tell the time but for fitness tracking. Modern models also come with different features that make them more exciting. If you already have one, you might feel obsessed about using the device to stay fit.

While it’s good to focus on staying healthy, you might also misuse the device. As such, the smartwatch becomes a distraction. Here’s why.

You believe that achieving the desired steps is good enough

There’s an arbitrary number that people believe is the target – 10,000 steps. Achieving that number can be impossible at times, so it’s a feat when you’re consistently there. The problem is that there’s no scientific basis that tells you how that number of steps is the gold standard. It depends on your body type and desired results. For some people, it must be more, while others don’t even need 10,000. Besides, you also trick yourself into thinking that reaching the number of steps is sufficient to make you healthy. The truth is that you need to do other activities. For example, walking is a cardiovascular exercise, and it helps. However, if you want to start losing weight or build muscles, you should consider doing other activities which are focused on resistance work.

You might not enjoy fitness routines anymore

Staying fit can be challenging, but it also needs to be fun. The problem is when you make fun out of the picture. You only obsess about reaching specific numbers. You won’t feel good about the results anymore. Even if exercising is exhausting, it can also make you happy. It’s a bit like playing online casino games such as those found on the NetBet platform. When your goal is to have fun, you can keep things going. However, if you start obsessing over the prizes, it’s not an enjoyable activity anymore.

Some smartwatches are not accurate

Even the newest models might not give an accurate picture. The number of steps or calories burnt might not be correct. You might wonder why the data reveals that you’re doing well, but your body doesn’t show changes. The problem is the inaccuracy of the device.

You get distracted

When you use your smartwatch for fitness reasons, you might easily get distracted. Even at work, you keep looking at the device since you worry about not hitting your goals. You wrap it around your wrist all the time, and you will feel tempted to look at what you reached for the day. While it’s good that you’re conscious about staying healthy, it shouldn’t distract you from other things.

These reasons don’t mean that you have to stop using your smartwatch. You can even invest in a new model if you want to. The point is that you can’t always rely on its accuracy or expect that you will stay fit by using it. You must look at other strategies to reach your fitness goals. Talk to your nutritionist too. Being fit is a balance between exercise and a healthy diet.