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THC Content and THC Value of Cannabis: What Does it Mean?


The THC content of cannabis determines how strong the high will be. You will come across different strains with high THC content, like Kurvana’s blue dream.  But with all the joy, one should ask oneself what the risks are due to the high THC content. Does it really make sense to breed higher and higher THC levels and offer them on the market?

What does the THC value mean?

THC content is the percentage of the compound in a particular strain, while THC value is its potency level. Since the legalization of medical cannabis, not only has the number of consumers increased significantly, but also the number of breeders. The cannabis market is vast and far from exhausted. More and more countries are allowing the use of medicinal cannabis. No wonder everyone wants to benefit from it and get the highest possible return. However, this is only crowned with success if you manage to stand out from the competition.

The result of the industrialization of cannabis is hybrids with an ever-increasing THC percentage. Cannabis shops always want to offer their customers the latest trends and order in bulk. This applies to local shops and online trade, from which cannabis seeds can often be ordered illegally. One of the most potent strains is probably the Nova OG by Manali West from California. Nova OG is a hybrid of Stardawg Guava and an OG/Diesel cross. THC levels of over 35% can be achieved with this strain.

THC content: What are the risks of cannabis consumption?

Cannabis primarily influences psychological perception and control. The effects are particularly dangerous for users unfamiliar with cannabis or when consuming cannabis with a high THC content.

The following effects can occur from too much THC

Cannabis normally induces a euphoric state, but instead, it causes anxiety. This anxiety can even lead to severe panic attacks in some cases.

Another side effect of too strong cannabis can be severe confusion. Not infrequently, consumers even feel paranoia. This is due to a strong hypersensitivity that can be accompanied by hallucinations.

Thoughts don’t play along as well. It is often difficult to think clearly and discuss a topic. Due to the increased creativity, you also have ideas that, viewed neutrally, make no sense.

As in the movies, many experience the high of potent THC. People and the environment are no longer properly perceived. They can no longer converse with others and do not know they are actually sitting with others. As with alcohol intoxication, short-term memory loss and even film tears can occur.

Other side effects are similar to those of increased alcohol consumption: heart palpitations, nausea, and dizziness up to a circulatory collapse.

What to do with a THC overdose?

If you have used way too much cannabis yourself, you will feel like you are dying. This is typical of a cannabis overdose. Stay calm and remind yourself that no one has ever died from an overdose.

If you are not the consumer but just an uninvolved person, you should try to calm down the person concerned. Again, it helps to point out that no one has died from cannabis so far. The condition will normalize after a few hours.

Of course, such a “horror trip” shouldn’t happen in the first place. You have to know your tolerance limit. This is difficult for newcomers because they have no experience. If you want to use cannabis for the first time, don’t do it alone. Find someone who has experience so they can gauge the amount and be there for you if you have a bad trip. Or better yet, ditch THC altogether and switch to CBD oil. This is healthier and has significantly fewer side effects.