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Stem Cell, One of The Newest Therapies


Stem cell therapy has only been under severe research for the past couple of decades; literally, every field of medical science is researching its application. In essence, what are they harnessing the tremendous power of stem cells for – the construction blocks of all of our bodies? Let’s explore the potential uses.

Adult stem cells are cells harvested from your body during a non-invasive procedure. They are then injected back into a person’s body to replace lost or damaged tissues. These adult stem cells are taken from your fat or other tissue and multiplied in volume using a technique known as somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCN). Once this is done, new cells are created, and the process begins.

Most physicians are wary of applying stem cells for orthopedic purposes because of the stem cell therapy procedure inherent risks and dangers. However, a growing number of physicians across the country recognize the potential benefits of this type of regenerative medicine. Orthopedic doctors have begun to use these cells to help restore full function and mobility to patients with chronic foot pain. Some orthopedic surgeons have even applied these cells in reconstructive surgery and said they had found the tissue highly successful in rebuilding the tissues.

Another area in which the innovative surgical procedure is being used is the hip replacement field. Patients who have undergone a hip replacement procedure are often suffering from hip pain and limitation of mobility. However, with the advanced stem cell therapy procedure, the hip joint can heal better, and the patient can maintain functional flexibility and mobility even after their hip joint has healed. So, if you’re suffering from hip pain and feel like nothing is going right, this is one surgical procedure you may want to consider.

Another application for this innovative procedure is in treating conditions such as sickle cell anemia and osteoporosis. Using stem cells from your own body can be very beneficial because the body will replenish your bone marrow. However, as you age, the bone marrow will be depleted, and you will require injections of expensive drugs to maintain healthy blood flow and bone marrow.

A third possible application is in helping to rehabilitate and re-shape people who have suffered from traumatic injuries. For example, many athletes suffer from torn rotator cuff injuries and tendonitis. Often, this injury results from lifting improperly or by overworking the body. When a patient undergoes stem cell therapy, they can increase their muscle mass, improve flexibility and regain range of movement. Because this treatment is non-invasive and has no adverse side effects, it is becoming more popular among orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists.

Regardless of your injury, stem cell therapy can help you feel better and improve your quality of life. Many people who suffer from serious sports injuries or other life injuries have found that the pain keeps them from living life to its fullest. Even after weeks of rest, many people find that the pain flares up. In addition to being a difficult time managing daily activities, the pain often makes it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Surgery is not always the answer when dealing with significant injuries and pain.  A stem cell therapy procedure is simply another way to treat your pain without enduring long-term side effects from harmful pain medications.

You may be asking yourself how stem cell therapy procedure usually takes place. Your orthopedic surgeon will let you know the details of the treatment. Most people feel immediate relief from their pain after receiving the treatment, but the treatment can take several weeks before you start to notice any improvement. This is also true of those people who receive the therapy for the first time. As with any medical procedure, however, early results are very encouraging, and stem cells are proving to be an effective treatment for a growing number of injuries and conditions.