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How to avoid bringing germs to home from work


With the pandemic still playing havoc in our lives, it has become one of the most critical aspects for the healthcare workers to take care of themselves and, more importantly, their family members. Most of the health workers may get the virus on their body and trying to find the best options to stop contaminating your home with the virus.

There are several ways you can help yourself avoid bringing the germs from the hospital to your home. Check out the right tips for achieving the best options in saving yourself from contaminating your home with the pandemic.

Protect yourself

Protecting yourself and attempting everything to avoid the exposure to the germs can be one of the practical options to stay safer. Keep washing your hands frequently, and ensure that you have a bottle of sanitizer always with you. Wearing the PPE kits can definitely prove to be one of the exciting choices. Wearing gloves and the right kind of scrubs can be one of the prime options. Brands such as super Healing Hands scrubs can prove to be extremely handy.

Disinfect all your personal belongings

Staying clean does not simply mean you have to clean yourself. Hard surfaces are known to carry the virus and germs for a prolonged period of time. Wiping off the personal belongings such as cell phones, and other personal items can prove to be quite handy. It would also be a great option to clean up the products such as pens, keyboards, computers, and other objects. It may be worthwhile to check the manufacturers instructions on how to clean up the products.

Change before driving back home

Reaching home in your medical scrubs may not be the right option. If you carry the scrubs to your car, you will definitely contaminate them with the germs on the scrubs. It is quite advisable to change into the fresh clothes before getting into the car. The clothes that you will travel home can be kept in a bag and change into your clothes soon after freshening yourself up.

Wash with the hot water

In case your washer has a sanitization cycle, it would be a good idea. Taking your scrubs straight to the washing machine. Never wash your scrubs with other clothes, but wash them separately with hot water. Use the hottest possible setting when washing your clothes. You do not want the other things to get contaminated, and the right way to achieve this is to keep your scrubs separate. Cleaning them by drying for at least 30 minutes can help you kill the remaining microorganisms.

Sanitize the shoes

Sanitization of the shoes is yet another important option you want to opt for. Do not bring the shoes inside the house at all. You can leave them at the garage or even an area that is not visited by anyone. If you do not need to take them to your home, it may be worthwhile to keep them in a locker at your workplace. Check if you can wipe down the shoes after every shift.

Use the nursing bag technique

It may be worthwhile to check if you can employ a nursing bag technique for handling the decontamination. Remove all the contents from the bag, sanitize it both internally and externally, and then while the bag is drying, check everything and sanitize all of them as well. You can go with a more detailed nursing bag technique.

Never share anything

Never share anything with anyone. You should not share anything that includes cups, plates, and anything else. Never bring any of those items from your workplace to your home. Cleaning everything in a hot or soapy water in a dishwasher can prove to be an extremely learned choice ever.

Go green with your disinfectants

Choosing the green disinfectant can prove to be one of the excellent options. The non-toxic cleaning products can be an excellent option for ensuring one of the prime options. The natural disinfectants such as thyme and citric acids can prove to be one of the practical choices. Make sure you disinfect the children’s toys and other high chair surfaces. Make sure that you have read the labels carefully.

A healthy home is what would provide you access to a powerful protection against the virus and other possible issues. Remember that keeping your home healthy can be helpful in ensuring that you are germ-free. When returning home from the workplace, do take care that you keep your home extremely safe from the germs, bacteria, and viruses.

We just assume that the tips and suggestions outlined above should ideally help you achieve the best results ever.