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How Much Sugar Is Too Much for Your Body?


You’ll probably agree with the fact that added sugar is the worst ingredient in the modern diet. We all have those days when we eat the whole chocolate bar without any sense of guilt. But is that right? The thing is, your body is made for digesting natural sugars from fruits and vegetables, so your cells get enough energy all the time. You don’t actually need any added sugar from packed food or drinks. After all, an unhealthy diet with too much added sugar could damage your metabolism in the long run by increasing the chances of getting diabetes or chronic heart diseases. We are all sugar-addicted at some point, and the question for the million dollars is -how much is too much? 

How Much Is Too Much? 

We asked guys from the Chicago weight loss clinic to help us answer this question. They came with the fact that the average man should eat no more than 36 grams of added sugar, which is nine teaspoons, and women should not consume more than 25 grams or six teaspoons a day. What if we tell you that we all eat more than 80 grams of sugar a day? Just one 12-ounce soda has ten teaspoons of sugar. Ok, what now? 

How Does Your Body React to So Much Sugar? 

People usually get fooled by some marketing tricks which say that products made of corn syrup, maple syrup, coconut sugar, dextrose, and honey are much healthier than the other ones. Usually, they are more expensive because they represent them as healthier. It’s a lie, and your body knows that. Too much is too much, no matter the source. Let us clarify this using a simple example: when you eat an apple full of natural sugar, your body spends more time digesting it because of the fiber content. Natural sugars are absorbed more slowly than added ones. When you drink soda, that sugar bomb is converted to calories faster which could be a shock to your organism. 

What Are The Consequences? 

Sugar is sweet, but it can sour your life if you eat it too much. Some of the main consequences are: 

  • The cavity is a result of consuming too many sweets, sugary drinks, chocolate, and dried fruits. The sugar you take into your body from these foods feeds the bacteria in your mouth and makes enough room for further development of infections and tooth diseases. 

  • Diabetes is formed because of too much sugar in your diet, mostly accumulating in your blood. The reaction of your body is less of the hormone insulin. Something you can do about it is to regulate your diet and to take shots every day to regulate the level of insulin in your blood. 

  • Weight gain is a result of eating too much sugar without any exercise. If you eat unhealthily and don’t trim calories elsewhere, you are going to be obese or overweight. Try to avoid sugar by changing your diet plan, and consult with your doctor.  

How to Make a Balance? 

Think about your diet. If you consume candy and sugary drinks on an everyday basis, continuing with that can lead to various consequences bad for your general health. Sit down and write a new diet plan, or consult a nutritionist about what you can eat during the day. If you consider yourself sugar-addicted, the best solution is to avoid it completely. Consuming less sugar could help you increase your energy level, help you with sleep issues and make you feel happier. After all, do a little experiment and try not to consume any added sugar for a month. Do you see the difference?