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Eye Surgery – What You Should Know About Cornea And Refractive Eye Surgery


In eye surgery, a fundamental distinction is made between organic and functional diseases of the eyes. As a result, movement disorders and ametropia can be treated and corrected in many cases, which sometimes enables a life without glasses. Visit website to learn more about what to do before LASIK.

Cornea And Refractive Surgery

Operations on the cornea are often refractive interventions. This type of eye operation is intended to correct ametropia such as nearsightedness and farsightedness or curvature of the cornea to enable the patient to live a life without glasses at best. Various laser treatment methods are available for refractive surgery, and lens systems can also be used to correct ametropia. As with cataracts, the lens can also be exchanged in the case of high ametropia. There is also the option of using a so-called phakic intraocular lens in younger patients, which is used in addition to the eye’s lens.

The world’s most popular method, with which many years of experience have been gained. A laser beam, the femtosecond laser, is used to prepare a flap a few micrometers thick on the top of the cornea and fold it over. The operation removes small amounts of corneal material with a second laser, the excimer laser, which compensates for the ametropia. The flap is then folded back onto the cornea and grows firmly in a short time. A modern method for laser eye surgery is the Relex Smile. The femtosecond laser prepares a tissue slice deep in the cornea, removed through lateral access. Here you can find more information about the most important laser eye methods and lens operations:

  • Femto-LASIK
  • Relex Smile
  • Monofokallinsen
  • The multifocal lens
  • Phake Linsen

Another important field of corneal surgery is keratoplasty. Diseased corneal tissue is removed and replaced with donor material. It is also possible to correct malformations of the cornea, which changes the refractive power and reduces ametropia.

Risks Of Eye Surgery

There is a risk of side effects and complications with eye surgery as with any procedure. It is therefore essential to consult several doctors if there is sufficient time. In this way, on the one hand, the disease can be verified; on the other hand, the patient can get a personal picture of the doctor and the clinic. Because trust in the doctor plays an essential role, especially with such a vital sensory organ as the eye. To learn more about lasik and what to do before LASIK, visit websites online.